Handmade goods tell a layered tale of people and place.
Delight in every detail and let these stories join your own. 

Touch the gentle indigo-dyed home accents from the Tai Leu, the ink-black woven bamboo purses from the Tai Lao, and the inlay woven beaded runners from the Katu. Feel its warmth and peace, remember grandmother’s care, imagine faraway cafes and secrets in purses.

Wrap yourself in uniquely designed blankets by the Tiddim Chin weavers of Myanmar. Get close to the intricate patterns, coiling tassels, and embroidered motifs. Travel along railroads and go to villages at night, contemplate design’s emotion, and tell stories about reindeers and drums.

Swoon over gorgeous rough-spun silk accessories created by Cambodian weavers and sewists. Let the colors take you to sky and fields, to subtle moods and wanderings, to savor ice cream and remember home and childhood.