Indigo Lion Global Handmade is a social enterprise
inspired by the beautiful conversations
we have when we hold handmade craft in our hands.


We create space for connection and creativity around artisans, their culture, and craft. Join us to discover distinctive, ethically sourced accessories and home accents.


We scout and curate ethically sourced
handmade products for you.


We have developed a network of social entrepreneurs and the artisans with whom they work. Our partners share our fair trade values: sustainability, environmental respect, women’s empowerment and cultural integrity.

Annual buying tours allow us to collect the best of global handmade in the areas where we focus and continually explore for new artisans and their creations.

We listen to the voices of the artisans we work with. We collect these stories to provide rich context of the villages, cultures, materials and processes behind each handmade product we sell in our online Shop and Traveling Boutique.


We curate beautiful conversations together
through global handmade happenings.


Handmade tells an unfolding story—from the artisan who made it, to partners championing their work, to us sharing it globally, and finally to you, enthusiasts of handmade. We each play our part.

Our Conversation & Creativity series lets you explore your personal interaction with global handmade through writing and art. We showcase our responses in the Chronicle and Ephemera, sharing with the artisans and partners how their handmade craft matters and inspires us.


Global handmade brings together individuals, cultures, places, and creative expression.


When we choose handmade, we make a statement to the world:

  • As conscious consumers, we seek transparency and expect fairness to artisans.
  • As global citizens, we advocate for equality and advance opportunity to artisans.
  • As human beings, we respect diversity and celebrate the creativity of artisans.

Indigo Lion is the culmination of decades as an artist, traveler, and expatriate fascinated by traditionally crafted objects and their stories. At every step on my journey, I've found a deepening passion for art, curiosity for global cultures, and dedication to women’s empowerment. They come together here in Indigo Lion.

Handmade craft offers a particular glimpse into the ritual and daily life of other cultures. Each handmade item piques my curiosity, begging the questions: How was it made? What about the artisan who made it? And as I let my imagination wander, I can almost sense the energy expressed from her hands and heart as it was created. This is the heart of what inspires me. 

Going forward I'm focusing efforts to bring you a deeper and more meaningful selection of ethically-sourced handmade textile accessories and home accents from Laos in which to share our stories.

I invite you to explore with me and discover meaningful connections around handmade craft's unfolding story.

Mary Louise Marino
Artist + Social Entrepreneur